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Georgia Free Zone Financial licenses for crypto, brokerage, forex and asset management. All in one licenses. Become Fintech licensee and offer digital services.

Crypto, Forex & Payment Processing in a single financial license from Georgia. Unique!

The advantages of georgian free zone financial licenses.

Become a fintech financial service provider and offer crypto services, exchange services, ICOs, crypto and forex trading, offshore asset management or setup your own crypto portfolio  with a single company and a single license. Offer also payment processing, electronic money issuing and e-wallets to your customers. WITHOUT MINIMUM CAPITAL - Ready in 4 WEEKS Complete setup + SEPA / SWIFT Access with fully regulated EU providers for customer payments.

Onboarding of worldwide clients without restrictions

Get SEPA /  SWIFT Payment Access in Europe

Express Hybrid Setup within just 4 weeks

100% tax free (for services and corporate profits)

Crypto Financial Licenses from our Free Zone Partner

Offer services without minimum capitalization (paid-up) and save hundreds of thousands of setup-fees. Offer services for which there is not even a regulation in Europe, Asia or America. Be Unique - Go Georgia. Be different from your competitors.

Crypto Exchange, ICO Launches, Electronic Money Issuing and Payment Processing as well as the hosting of FX and Crypto trading platforms. What elsewhere costs hundreds of thousands of paid-up capital, months of waiting and extreme expenses, you will get everything in Georgia in just one company without headaches and budget burdens.

Possible Licensing Options:

Exchange and Crypto Services

Offer Crypto / FIAT Exchange and vice versa. ICO launches, token sales, token distribution and much more.


Our free zone finance license enables you to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition.

Payment Processing and EMI

Process payments for customers in a legally correct manner. Arrange pay-outs and funding of client's wallets.


Store and keep FIAT funds and digital assets in electronic wallets.

Hosting of a FX or Crypto Trading Platform

Host your own forex or crypto trading platform for speculation purposes. Become an FX and Crypto Broker and advertise your excellent services to an international clientele.

Hedge Fund / Fonds Setups

Set up your own crypto fund or fund portfolio. Invest smart customer assets and let your clients share in the success. 

Earn additional money by charging annual portfolio fees so as Asset Managers or Family Office Providers do.

Digital Asset Management

Manage assets. No matter whether EUR or USD or crypto currencies. The possibilities are endless with a Free Zone Finance License from Georgia. Distribute your own digital portfolios even to other 3rd party crypto trading platforms or exchangers.

EU-Addon. Optional: Professional Trustee Setup

Safekeeping or backup storage of assets by you as a professional trustee. Open "Virtual Trusts" and even offer your customers this regulated under EU law (registration in Sweden as a Professional Trustee). Click here ...

We speak your language. Our competent team in Georgia awaits you. Are you ready to setup your new free zone financially licensed entity? We are.

We speak your language, regardless if it's German or English. We understand you!

Pameroy | Georgia consults and informs you in German, English, Dutch and Spanish whenever you want it. We make sure, your questions and concerns are being heard.

We speak your language, Dutch, german, english and spanish.

Welcome to Pameroy | Georgia.

Your Pameroy Support Team


Willkommen bei Pameroy | Georgia - Ihr Degenius Subald
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Alle Free Zone Lizenzen und Genehmigungen - Vorteile des Pameroy Leistungspakets zur Firmengründung in Georgien

Warum ein Georgien Setup mit Pameroy | Georgia?


If requested, we help to setup a payment account with own IBAN numbers for SEPA and SWIFT to accept client funds (EU Provider)

Express Setup Within a Couple of Weeks

The entire setups will require around 4 weeks until completion. That is the fast approval and setup procedures of all financial licenses Pameroy is offering :)

All Documents in Digital Form

All corporate and licensing documents are being provided to you digitally, via email so as it is standard in Georgia

Lawyers To Support You

Our legal team and external lawyers in the Republic of Georgia will help you, whenever legal help is required, regardless if in dealing with clients or with authorities

Best Price and Fee Guarantee

Pameroy Management Ltd is the only and exclusive provider for this turnkey solution. Even if you setup with other providers, your application will end up with us on our Licensing Team's desks

On-going Pameroy Support

Pameroy | Georgia will assist you even after completion of all tasks with free website checks or document provisions. Count on us - service doesn't end once a company has been established.


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