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Free Zone Financial License in Detail

Permitted Activities*

  • Crypto Exchange (fiat-crypto and vice versa)

  • ICO Launch

  • Hosting of an FX or Crypto Trading Platform

  • Electronic Wallets

  • Forex Trading (CFD Trading)

  • Payment Processing and Electronic Money Issuing

  • Setup Crypto Funds

  • Crypto Asset Management

  • Offshore Crypto Brokerage

  • Token Sales*

  • Blockchain Development

  • IT & Consultancy Services

  • Financial / Investment Advice

*to Non-Georgian citizens and residents

Required Customer Documents

The following documents are required for that Pameroy | Georgia's lawyers in Tbilisi can initiate the formation and licensing process:

  • Notarised and apostilled copy of the passport for the future Director and Shareholder(s)

  • Notarised and apostilled Power of Attorney

  • Simple Proof of Address on email sufficient

  • Completed Pameroy Due Diligence Form (email)

Nominee Services for Non-EU clients

All customers who visit a notary public in order to get their docs notarised and apostilled (Hague Apostil Convention) can use the Pameroy | Nominee Service. Then, a setup will be even easier as ever before.

Pameroy will acquire a director and shareholder to represent you.


Advantages: Faster setup, anonymity, everything can be conveniently managed by email - no original documents required.

Time Frame

The average time is estimated at around 4 weeks. Local holidays or government closures with restrictions regarding COV-19 can, but do not have to, lead to delays.


If you as an EU citizen act as a director and shareholder or if you are using the nominee service, you can apply for a SEPA / SWIFT account with our payment partner with your own IBAN issued to your company name. Pameroy makes the introduction.

Tax Free

Free Zone companies are completely exempt from taxes under Georgian law. This applies to corporate taxes as well as taxes on financial services that you offer. Enjoy tax-free working from day one. You can also use the Free Zone company to outsource activities from your EU companies.

Offer financial services such as crypto exchange, electronic wallets, forex and crypto trading, set up your own crypto fund or offer your own crypto portfolios as part of asset management. Bonus: Permission for payment processing.

We are looking forward to your detailed inquiries about all our services.

Welcome to Pameroy | Georgia - your incorporator for financial licenses
Our customers are fintech nomads or crypto exchangers, trading platforms and so on.

Pameroy | Georgia

Our customers include fintech nomads as well as seasoned and experienced financial service providers who go where the legal framework and business environments are simply right and meet their purposes.

The Free Zone financial licenses from Georgia are ideal for carrying out any type of crypto and financial business. In contrast to Europe, Asia or even the US no minimum capitalization is required. Save hundreds of thousands of euros or dollars in paid-up capital and legal preparations. Instead, invest money in your innovative new company and infrastructure and enjoy working in a self-sufficient, regulatory-free zone.


Legal Basis

Law of Georgia On Free Industrial Zones; The Decree of the Government of Georgia # 131 dated June 3, 2008 on the permit to establish and operate free trade zones; The Decree of the Government of Georgia # 109 is dated March 10, 2015 about the establishment of the respective Free Zone.


In addition to the Free Zone Financial License, an annex is issued that refers to the corresponding license and also lists all desired activities and permitted services in detail.


This way, you can score points with external partners, who immediately recognise that you are properly licensed for crypto and payment services, among other things.

Licensing Process

  1. Submission of all documents to Free Zone Management (created by Pameroy | Georgia)

  2. Setup of a short business plan

  3. Due Diligence Approval by our lawyers in Georgia

  4. Activity description

  5. Setup of AML Manuals (OECD Standard) for the prevention and control of money laundering (AML / CFT Compl. Program)

  6. Setup of simplified terms and conditions

  7.  Setup for data protection disclosure

  8. Start of applying for the Free Zones Certificate and the Business License

  9. Legal confirmation letter about the company's activity in English

Scope of Services

Get all the facts + fee overview!

What's in the Pameroy | Georgia packages included and what do the services cost? Simply request your personal exposure here. We are looking forward to you.

Setup Package Content:

Executive Package

  • Pre-checks: 
    Name check, due diligence check, world check and suitability check for your project, onboarding for you as future directors and shareholders. Provision of the original documents for our law office by you by courier service.

  • Corporate Setup:
    Registration of your company in Tbilisi, digital document set, online register link to the commercial register, setup AML / CFT compliance program, free zone office rental, postponement of d. Company headquarters in the Free Zone, Free Zone registration, application for the financial license, receipt of the license, sending the documents to you.

  • On-going Services:
    Website check (we check your website for that no EU-regulator cause you any problems, application for an LEI number, preparations for opening an account, Pameroy license summary in English for your website

  • Account Opening:
    Introduction to an EU regulated Electronic Money Issuer (crypto-friendly) to receive your own SEPA and SWIFT IBAN account numbers. Submission of all documents, mediation with compliance, verification of your person - account activation! Ready!

Get your exposure now!

Request now: Order your personal start-up package overview here and find out more about Pameroy | Georgia terms and the financial license itself.

Many thanks. We have received your information and will contact you at our earliest convenience first on email, and then via skype.

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