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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have general questions about the Pameroy | Georgia Financial Licenses and the Services offered? Then you have come to the right place in our FAQ section. All questions about companies, accounts, conditions, services, etc. explained quickly and easily. If you would like a price list and the synopsis with the financial license setup conditions, please click here >> and request it using the form.

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More Websites of Pameroy

Learn more about us and our wide range of financial licenses.

Pameroy | Global

Contact Portal (english)

The General Contact Portal in English with the most important email addresses and telephone numbers. For everyone who is looking for a direct contact person or to get in touch with us straight away, regardless for which licensing undertaking you are going with >>

Banking Licenses / Main Portal

Our flagship among the company formation portals and the most popular financial license portal in Germany and Switzerland. Professional overview of Pameroy's most important licensing solutions onshore and offshore. >>

Kazakhstan Universal Financial Entity

Become a recognized and accredited payment processor, e-wallet provider, forex broker or crypto service provider. Our Kazakhstan universal financial company is the solution. Including professional support, SWIFT bank accounts and much more. >>

Comoros Private Bank Setups

Establish your own private bank in the Indian Ocean and the associated processor for customer funds as a package. 


Nothing easier than that. Pameroy | Comoros will be happy to help and advise you on all add-ons and the wide range of options >>

Professional Trustee Sweden

Store, safekeep, processes. Become a professional trustee and open trusts for your customers in order to "store" their assets securely according to EU law. Excellent for fiat and crypto assets. Including processing accounts for 3rd party funds. Click here >>

Crypto Licenses Estonia (EU)

Now ready for our German speaking clients, but also available for the rest of Pameroy's international clientele.

Get started here and setup your crypto licensed entity in Estonia with a large portfolio of payment accounts.

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